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Improve your clicking speed using our CPS, Kohi, Jitter, and butterfly click test for your gaming experience.

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The click test offers various tools to measure your ability to click per second. The click test is a tool to calculate your click per second in a set interval of time. It will measure your mouse clicking speed at whatever time you put in the frame. Also, we can call it a CPS. It's just a magnitude of clicks per time unit. Do you know how many clicks can click in ten or thirty seconds? Many people might not even know if there is a way to calculate such activity. It might be a surprising thing that not only is there a way to see how many several clicks per given timeframe, but also many users can compete with each other globally.


According to our online research team, There are mainly two types of click tests performed by users or professional gamers.

1. Mouse Click Test: The test performed by the user by the mouse is called the mouse click test or click test. Our test provides default 10 seconds click counter to test your click test score per second. We can also set intervals manually to calculate your clicking score. This test works very well across the globe.

2. Space Bar Click Test: Another type is called the space bar click test, mainly used by gamers to play and perform keyboard games. It is relatable to the mouse click test in which people will use the spacebar to measure or play the game. Gamers use the space bar or spacebar counter test to check how many clicks the spacebar will hit in a given time.


It's a very easy-to-use and simple process to start the click test. Anyone can start this test. There is no age restriction or any other condition to start this test, Even kids will give this test to do some time pass or improve their speed of clicks. You must set the time interval and start clicking to score high worldwide.

You can see your high score end of the test, and the result will show there. Your clicking speed will decide your rank and score in the amount of time you click.


Click Test is a collection of cool features you will not have on any other online sites available in clicking games.

Click Count: It will give the click count at the end of the test.

Multiple Timers: The multiple timer feature will let you select various or manual timers to start the test.

Real-Time Graph: You can measure your clicking activity by GUI as a live graph.

Scoreboard: A well-designed result modal in which the score will be shown by the end of the test.

Leaderboard: The leaderboard will tell you the global user's scores.

Score History: This feature will save only your score history. Login is a must to save your history.

Weekly Challenges: The click test will entertain the audience with various interesting weekly challenges.


There are a lot of benefits of having a high clicking speed in a real-time world. It will benefit your working career and gaming field if you are a professional gamer.

A lot of competition will happen online to know who is best in clicking by the click test. It will also help you to time pass daily in your free time office.

The main feature of the click test is also you can use it to check whether your mouse is all keys are working or not or the accuracy of your mouse.


1. Jitter Click Test The jitter test is a test which aims to exercise & calculate your clicking speed. The jitter click test measures the total number of clicks you click with your mouse over a set interval.

2. Kohi Click Test The Kohi click test involves rapid finger activity, where players or users use two fingers & click the mouse alternatively to get maximum clicks over a short period.

3. Drag Click Test The drag click test involves forcefully dragging your index finger across a mouse button, and maybe it's left or right to trick to increase more clicks.

4. Butterfly Click Test The butterfly click test is a test in which you have to achieve maximum clicks per second in a game.

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